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38 minutes ago
What Happens to Homeless Patients When They Are Discharged From the Hospital?

This is exactly why LTHC's new facility, the Engagement Center, will have 4 medical respite rooms. So that people who are experiencing homelessness can RECOVER safely after a hospital stay.

Want to ... See more

There are growing calls in San Diego to provide housing or resources for housing after patients are done receiving urgent medical care.

1 day ago

Shout out to Purdue Federal Credit Union! They “auctioned” off good parking spots during the winter and donated the proceeds to LTHC.

2 days ago

Meet Hallie from City Bus! We were blown away with all the compassionate services that they are offering in our community and we look forward to partnering with them! Hallie can help any person in ... See more

5 days ago
Photos from LTHC Homeless Services's post

Say hello to Girl Scout Troop 4431! If these pictures don't show you that everyone can do something to help, I don't know what would! Thank you, young ladies, for making beautifully decorated sack ... See more

5 days ago
Supply Superstars

We're really hurting for lady's underpants!

Guest Services provides basic necessities to our friends experiencing homelessness. Sometimes our drawers are empty and we can use your help! Items can be dropped of at the Howarth Center or mailed ... See more

5 days ago
Stock Ivan's Shelves

One of our sign up lists to help keep us stocked up!

This sign up will be used to keep Ivan's kitchen stocked with his favorite ingredients! 

6 days ago

Faces of Homelessness
Meet Ron -- this was him a few weeks ago when he stopped in to share how well he was doing. He is about eight months sober and working. Did I mention he is also housed on his ... See more

6 days ago

Happy Birthday, Nettie Haab! She is one our favorite volunteers and she’s serving us on her special day!

1 week ago

Faces of Homelessness
This is about a guest who didn't want to share his picture but did want our community to celebrate with him that he is sleeping in a bed for the first time in EIGHT years thanks ... See more

1 week ago

Our newest friends! Thank you guys so much for the heavy lifting!

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