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Find a solution to homelessness with our Homeless Services Program (HSP).

If you’re searching for “homeless services near me,” we can help! LTHC’s Homeless Services Program (HSP) is the coordinated entry point for anyone experiencing a housing crisis in Greater Lafayette.

Guests complete their assessment with a housing stability case manager. We provide all resources and referrals based on your specific needs and challenges. Our goal is to guide you with the steps you need to find a permanent housing solution.

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Our case managers care.

A case manager can help individuals, families, or veterans develop a unique plan toward ending their housing crisis. These plans will include ways to increase your income, connect to mainstream resources, and find a housing opportunity you'll be able to sustain.

Our case managers will first try to divert or prevent all guests from becoming homeless with referrals to other resources. When that is not an option, they’ll help our guests enroll in HSP and get connected with the services available at the Day Resource Center.

Your privacy matters to us.

We understand that homelessness and the issues that come along with it are sensitive topics. We’ll only use your information to help you, and you can trust that we’ll value your privacy.

LTHC abides by the privacy practices developed by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA). For any questions you may have about how we use our guests’ information, please see our HMIS Privacy Policy.

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The Homeless Services Program offers guests more than a place to be during the day.

LTHC has a variety of on-site services to help our guests feel as comfortable as possible, including:

Coats and Other Seasonal Clothing

Computer Access

Employment Services

Laundry Facilities

Mail Services

Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)

Mental and Physical Healthcare Services

Phone Access


Storage Lockers


Transportation Assistance

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Looking for an end to homelessness?