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Make a long-term investment to end homelessness and support LTHC.

While the solution to ending homelessness—housing—can seem simple, there does not appear to be a quick or easy path to get there.

For that reason, LTHC is interested in working with donors who want to make a long-term investment in our programs in order to ensure a sustainable future for our organization.


Donate to Legacy Society.

With Legacy Society, LTHC offers the opportunity for donors to make a planned gift. There are several deferred charitable gift vehicles that you can choose from depending on what makes the most sense for your family. Some of the most common include:

Due to the potential complexity of these kinds of gifts, LTHC staff encourages you to speak with your family, financial advisor, or attorney. Our Development Officer, Jennifer Shook, would be happy to discuss with you as well.

LTHC can also accept gifts of stock/transfers. Again, contact Jennifer to get details on how to make this happen.

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Ready to donate to Legacy Society?

Learn more about homelessness in your community and finding a long-term solution.