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You can help us make a difference with the Greater Lafayette Homeward Bound Fundraiser.

If you want to support services for individuals and families who are struggling, the LTHC Homeward Bound Fundraiser is for you! Every year, we host Homeward Bound with Family Promise, HomesteadCS, and PATH.

This community walk/run promotes housing service providers like LTHC Homeless Services and raises funds to support affordable housing that can end homelessness for our guests.

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Why should I register for Homeward Bound?

Register at Homeward Bound raises funds to fight homelessness, but we also raise awareness about the issue through this event. There are so many misconceptions that surround homelessness, and we want to help our community learn the truth.

We like to say that the solution to homelessness is housing. When you register for the Greater Lafayette Homeward Bound, you’re helping us continue to provide housing services for our guests.

When and where is the walk?

We host the LTHC Homeward Bound Fundraiser with our partners every April at Columbian Park’s Memorial Mall. Registration will be at 1pm and the walk starts at 2. There will be many family friendly activities and free food between 1-2.

The upcoming Homeward Bound fundraiser will be held on April 28, 2019

How can I get involved with Homeward Bound?

You can walk solo or form a team! The walk is free, but donations are welcome—as are any pledges raised for the cause. Our yearly goal for Homeward Bound is $30,000, and you can help us reach our goal!

Registration is at!

Still have questions? For more information about Homeward Bound, please email Jennifer Shook or call her at (765) 423-4880, ext. 2532.

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